Video: It is all about Delivering the Difference to our Customers

Delivering the Difference

Offering engine cooling and air conditioning products for the international automotive aftermarket and customized cooling components, systems and modules to the renewable energy and industrial segments form the basis of our business.

Our product and service offer carries a trade mark of experience, know-how, innovation and flexibility that cements our commitment to Delivering the Difference to our customers across the world. Putting our customers first is what shapes our ambition of being the preferred supplier to leading wholesalers, buying groups and OEMs in the international automotive aftermarket as well as renewable energy and industrial segments.


Delivering the Difference is a reflection of our ability to combine a multitude of different strengths and capabilities in our company and merge them into a strong and attractive value proposition that meets the challenging and versatile expectations from our customers.

Our proven success in Delivering the Difference to our customers translates into our growing business, our global expansion and our increasing market share.


Our Business & Organizational Structures:

Delivering the Difference to our customers requires focus. As a result, our business is divided into two separate business units:

  • Management Team



  • Mikkel Krogslund Andersen


  • Jakob Backs

    Senior Vice President, CFO

  • Thomas Juul Eilersen

    Senior Vice President, CCO

  • Anders Allesø

    Vice President, CTO

  • Knud Krægpøth

    Senior Vice President, COO

  • Klavs Thulstrup Pedersen

    Senior Vice President, Automotive

  • Rikke Kroer Høberg

    Vice President, Global HR & Group Services

Milestones in the History of Nissens

Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

Being committed to Delivering the Difference also implies that we wish to make a positive impact through our position on corporate social responsibility.

  • We are focusing on limiting our energy consumption and emissions, and we all do our best to be a sustainable company
  • We are doing business on the basis of a formalized Code of Conduct expressing our respect of human rights, ethical standards and legal requirements
  • We are complying with the highest quality standards and meeting the quality expectations of our customers


  • We are actively investing in the well-being of our surrounding society and sponsoring a large variety of activities within sports, charity and fundraising to create development and to secure prevention and cure of poverty and disease
  • We are cherishing a good working environment and a strong company culture, where we take care of each other and we all contribute to a pleasant and motivating atmosphere and team-work



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