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Nissens is a growing organization, and recruitment is our battle for talents with potential and for specialists with a proven track record. We are an attractive company with an informal atmosphere that offers the possibility for each employee to make a footprint and have an impact on our daily business and future development. 

We put both heart and mind into finding and attracting future employees to Nissens. We run a professional recruitment process, including first and second interviews, personal tests and focus on dialogue and communication, where the respect of our candidates forms the starting point of our people-driven approach to the process.

You are welcome to contact us at – also if you wish to share your CV with us. Full confidentiality and personal data protection are offered.  

Thanks to a full, global value chain, we offer challenging positions in a large variety of functional areas:

  • Product Development, Engineering & R&D
  • Product Management
  • Test & Validation
  • Market & Business Intelligence
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Purchasing & SQE
  • Planning & Logistics
  • Quality
  • Production
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Finance
  • HR & Administration


Protection of your personal data in Nissens’ recruitment processes

We attach significant importance to respecting the personal data that you entrust with us, when you are a candidate applying for a job at Nissens.

During the recruitment process, your personal data is respectfully filed and shared within our organization.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we may during our recruitment processes decide to use the opportunity to consult your public profiles on social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. If you do not wish for us to seize this opportunity, you are welcome to withdraw the job application sent to us within three days from receiving our acknowledgement of receipt of your job application. The request for withdrawal must be sent to

When a recruitment process has been completed, your personal data will be deleted, unless you provide us with a written declaration of consent, in which you give Nissens the permission to file your CV for a time-limited period. Only upon renewal of your consent, we are able to continue to file your personal data.


Nissens builds on a strong company culture and rewarding cross-functional and cross-country co-operation.

As an increasingly global company with organizations and colleagues on three continents, we are humble to the task of welcoming new colleagues to our company.

The adaptation and motivation of every new employee are our responsibility.

The key role in securing good onboarding is played by our existing employees. Thanks to their knowledge, experience, motivation and passion for Delivering the Difference, they are renowned for being a great and valuable asset to any new employee at Nissens.

​To ensure that new members of our team quickly feel welcome and become an integrated part of our organization, we invest in a good onboarding process:

  • Offering our welcome package – first insights into Nissens

  • Opening up to our “Bond with a Buddy”-relationship building
  • Acquiring information and building networks through our Corporate Introduction Program
  • Shaping the job platform through functional introduction sessions in own department and adjacent functional areas
  • Breaking the barriers - enjoying lunch with the CEO and fellow newcomers
  • Securing integration and well-being through onboarding follow-ups



"I have worked in Nissens’ production since 1995 and always felt that Nissens could offer me plenty of opportunities, including training and education. In my different jobs, I have had to use both body and brains. I really appreciate that my colleagues and the company value my efforts and hard work. My job in our Systems & Modules Production is challenging, since we have the pleasure of continuously integrating both new products and new colleagues, so I am entrusted with more responsibility and greater variety."

Grethe, Incoming Goods & Warehouse Operator, Systems & Modules Production, Denmark

"As a Product Manager, I am interacting with many other departments like Sales, Supply Chain and Quality to fulfil my tasks related to product launches, product lifecycle management, sales analyses, forecasts etc. I often see my job as a kind of playground with room for new ideas and initiatives. Nissens is growing, they invest in the development of their employees, and they offer an informal environment that nurtures good relationships, flat structures with direct access to management and lots of social events with colleagues."

Steffen, Product Manager, Nissens Automotive Denmark

"For more than ten years, I have worked as an alu welder, team leader and trainer for new Slovak colleagues and for new colleagues in China. I have visited China many times together with my colleague, Milan, who was employed on the same day as me. We like our jobs, because we constantly get new challenges with different coolers and new requirements for documentation. Despite our seniority, we still learn. We have recommended Nissens to many candidates, and we will continue to recommend Nissens."

Richard, Alu Welder, Nissens Slovakia

"The Nissens-spirit is unique, and we have a very strong community. I have fantastic colleagues across the global Nissens, and as an IT Business Consultant, I work with a large variety of IT and ERP tasks that I find very interesting regardless of their size, scope and complexity. Our internal and external customers demand a lot of IT customization and adaptation, and we are Delivering the Difference by actually listening to all needs and expectations. The customer proximity has a strong motivational effect on me."

Lars, IT Business Consultant, Nissens Denmark

"My role is to build an engineering team for Nissens in China and ensure that local and global customers get the requested product design services and project management support. Nissens has acquired lots of know-how over the years, and Nissens’ reputation within the industry is very good. That played an important role for me in joining Nissens. As an engineer, it is a pleasure to work for a company focusing on product innovation for the customers and offering a good working environment for their employees."

Nicolas, Product Development Manager, Nissens Cooling System China

"It gives me energy to be in a large company, where you still feel that you are running your own company and have the freedom to act in your local market. Our customers reward us for our local focus with their orders. Our flat organization, open atmosphere and easy access to colleagues on all levels enable us to respond quickly to the market. It makes it easier for me to fulfil my daily role of building up Nissens’ brand and making us a market leader."

Corné, Area Sales Manager Benelux, Nissens Automotive

"Nissens is a great place to work thanks to a dynamic organization, quick response and strong execution. Not two days are alike in our Customer Service department, since our customers’ requirements vary a lot. I get a kick out of making things work; e.g. when a customer is stuck in his car in Germany and needs a radiator, and Nissens is able to quickly deliver the product to him. He is happy, and we are happy. Quick response is really a motivation factor for me."

Barbara, Customer Service Manager, Nissens Automotive Denmark

"The great thing about going to work is when you manage to make the most of your technical skills, combining it with good communication and planning. Then you can see that you make real progress in the customer projects that you are working on. The greatest of it all is, when milestones are reached, like a prototype or a serial production order. I really enjoy the variety that working at Nissens brings, also the close collaboration, even across country boarders, adds to an exciting workday."

Martin, Technical Project Manager, Nissens Cooling Solutions Denmark

"In my job at Nissens, I focus on the recruitment of white-collar employees, but I also provide HR support to department managers, and I really like the interaction with colleagues from different departments. Nissens is an international organization with many functional areas, and it offers a lot of opportunities for the employees. If you have a good idea for doing things better, you will most likely be listened to. Nissens is a caring company and, for that reason, the right place for me to work."

Silvia, HR Specialist, Nissens Slovakia

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