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Climate Championship Final


Despite the grey spring weather, there was a great atmosphere when Nissens Automotive found ‘Denmark’s best climate mechanic’. Finalists had to qualify through an online quiz and during the final, they had to troubleshoot the climate system on three different cars, solve the problem, and answer five questions directly related to the error they encountered. For Nissens Automotive, this is a great chance to get closer to the mechanics in the aftermarket and learn from their experiences. We would like to extend a big ‘Thank You’ to every mechanic involved. You helped make this a great event.

Valuable partnerships are crucial to our success


In the week to come, Nissens Automotive will hold the well-reputed biennial supplier conference, where our preferred suppliers participate and engage with Nissens. Together, we share expectations, ambition and direction with the aim of securing mutual alignment and commitment. Important handshakes will be made, and we will, as a tradition, announce the winner of Nissens Automotive’s Supplier of the Year Award. We know, what it takes to improve and develop, and we are very pleased to recognize a special achievement from a high-performing partner

AluXair - Breaking the Waves


Close to the harsh and challenging North Sea in Denmark, Nissens Cooling Solutions has put up a large test stand. The aim is to perform a unique, real life test of our most recent product innovation, AluXair – an air-to-air cooling system - developed for off- and nearshore wind turbine applications. Due to salt aerosols near the sea, the corrosive and environmental impact on modern cooling solutions can be immense. Nissens will be performing tests for +12 months to learn and grow wiser to the benefit of our customers. Breaking the Waves. Delivering the Difference. Being a preferred Supplier.

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