Climate Season 2020

Booklets, Posters & Bulletins 

With Nissens comprehensive climate range, we enable you to strengthen your climate specialist position in the IAM!

At Nissens, we never stop developing our wide product range and we have made our climate offers even more attractive. See what we have added for this season.

Climate Posters

For climate system maintenance and diagnostics

Technical Bulletins

Hands-on technical knowledge gathered in easy-to-read, one-page bulletin format.

Technical Bulletin​ #1

Lubrication - Mixing Oils

Avoid mixing PAG with universal oils​

Technical Bulletin #2

Lubrication - Additives

Additives harmful to the lubricant

Technical Bulletin #3


Condenser corrosion - possible issues

Technical Bulletin #4


Common causes for condenser inner clog

Technical Bulletin #5

Receiver dryer

When to replace the receiver dryer?

Technical Bulletin #6

Condenser Damages

Most common mechanical damages

Technical Bulletin #7

Temperature Diagnostics

Components to measure and proper operation temperatures

Technical Bulletin #8

R134A - Operational Pressure

Appropriate and improper operational pressure values for R134A

Technical Bulletin #9

AC System Flushing

Recommended flushing methods and performance instructions