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In order to ensure correct system charge, lubricant selection and filling for any given vehicle model in the Automotive Aftermarket, Nissens has developed a database for the filling quantities and made it available for free. To ensure optimal operation and lubrication, it is important to always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. 

To find the correct data for you, enter the cars information in the system below. 

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Abbreviation Descriptions

Vehicle make / model
Engine / vehicle version
Vehicle produced from (date)
Note relevant for the oil and refrigerant quantity filling
Refrigerant type
gram, 1 gr = 0.002205 lb
Acceptable deviation in the refrigerant filling
Lubricant type
millilitre, 1 ml = 0.03381402us fl oz
< 123456.. Part number below..
< VIN 123456.. Vehicle identification number below..
> 123456.. Part number above..
> VIN 123456.. Vehicle identification number above..
ALL OTHERS All other engine/vehicle versions besides the listed options.
Automatic Automatic A/C system control
Cab Cabin version
Compressor Compressor
Condenser Condenser
Condenser tube mm Condenser tube diameter
Coolbox Equipped with refrigerator
ECV Externally controlled compressor
Engine Engine code / type
Evaporator Evaporator
Heat pump Additional heat pump in the system
LHD/RHD Left / Right hand drive
LWB Long wheel base / short version
Manual Manual A/C system control
Manufacturer 5QO820803F Compressor manufacturer + part number
Rear evaporator Rear evaporator
Roof A/C Roof mounted A/C modul
Sanden/Denso/Zexel etc. Compressor manufacturer
SD7V16 etc. Compressor type/model
Seats Seats number
See manual Consult vehicle's owner manual
SWB Short wheel base / Short version
Zones 2/3/4 A/C zones inside the cabin

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Your Recent Search Results

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Every possible effort and endeavor have been made to ensure that the information contained in this database is correct at the date of issue. Nissens, however, disclaims any liability for printing and computing errors or inaccuracies. We always recommend to follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for service and maintenance procedures. Nissens shall not be responsible for any property damage or personal injury, direct or indirect damage from failure or down time in vehicle operation, caused by use of the data or incorrect application, installation and/or abuse of our products.

©Nissens, Ormhøjgårdvej 9, 8700 Horsens, Denmark. For further technical information contact Nissens representatives.