Thermal Expansion Valve

Ensures proper working parameters of the AC system

The Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) is one of the major control components of the AC loop. It's a precise metering device that controls the amount of refrigerant released into the evaporator.

The TXV separates the high-pressure and low-pressure sides of the AC loop. It is preset to maintain the superheat condition within the evaporator and, by this, to ensure the system's most optimal operation and output matching the needs for cold air production.

Nissens' Solution

  • Precise, optimal operation

    The power (sensing) element is the most important component in the Expansion Valve. Our specially designed charge formula ensures the valve’s optimal operation for specific system needs in the given vehicle application.

  • Comprehensive tests

    High-quality standards ensured by comprehensive in-house testing and validation series of durability, pressure performance, tightness, opening and set-point setting, inner precise elements' finish and cleanness.

  • Easy Installation

    Perfect finish and product fit, enabling a quick and smooth product installation. Whenever needed, additional installation parts included in the product box (First Fit).

  • Competitive Range

    Competitive range of Expansion Valves covering popular passenger car, light van and truck models. Program of more than 60 items covering over 275 OE numbers at the time of launch (Spring 2021).

Nissens' Product Benefits

  • Proper setting for operation stability

    The output pressure and opening characteristics are thoroughly tested and adjusted to ensure valve's stable and appropriate operation.

  • Perfectly tight, clean and fitting​

    Inner tightness and cleanness are among the crucial qualities of our Thermal Expansion Valves, along with the fitment and durability provision.

  • Safe & reliable AC system performance

    Safe, perfectly finished products designed to maintain the required parameters, optimal thermal performance and proper balance of the AC system.

Technical Details

Replacement of the valve is recommended when the system is diagnosed with severe contamination and after a compressor breakdown caused by seizure/overheating.

Replace the TXV during an AC compressor replacement, including a system flushing procedure.

A faulty, clogged or improperly metering TXV will quickly affect the AC system's proper operation, worsen its output and expose the AC compressor to a premature failure. 

Disregarding the TXV replacement during the AC compressor installation procedure may cause the newly installed compressor's failure, and generate excessive service costs with a second repair.

To learn more and review the technical aspects of the new AC component from Nissens, visit our Virtual Showroom that includes a 360-degree presentation of the TXV


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