Oil Coolers

Engine and transmission oil cooling

Oil applied for lubrication plays a significant cooling role. The oil cooler receives the lubricant’s heat and exchanges it with the ambient air or the radiator coolant. It is typically the automatic gearbox oil that needs a dedicated oil cooler. Vehicles, driving with engine oil that is cooled by a separate exchanger, is a common sight. Especially in high-performing or downsized engine vehicles, a dedicated oil cooler is an important part of the system.

In some vehicle models, the oil cooler is built into the radiator water tank. Here, the coolant plays a supportive role to the heat exchange process. In modern vehicles, an automatic gearbox oil cooler is often designed as a stand-alone unit, mounted separately in the engine compartment or on the engine block.

A range of Nissens’ oil coolers also come as oil coolers with housing, including various additional components such as filter housing, oil filter, bypass valve, one way valve, thermostat, gaskets and housing. The oil cooler with housing is a complete plug-and-play solution, making replacement of the entire oil cooler unit easy, convenient and less risky.

Nissens' Solution

  • Reliability & Performance

    The oil cooler development process includes an in-house test series, where the oil cooler is pressure-impulse tested with 100,000 impulses at a pressure of up to 10.0 bar.

    Development of the oil cooler with housing includes extensive test series of each component separately and the entire unit when assembled to ensure its reliability and high performance needed for the lubricant flow, filtration and cooling.

  • Genuine Nissens Quality 

    Highly profiled, comprehensive development, test and validation formula secure our product’s highest quality.

    All Nissens’ oil coolers are designed and manufactured specifically for the aftermarket, and tested to match OE quality. 

  • Competitive Range

    The range consists of 375 complete parts covering more than 1575 OE numbers and 8,400 car makes and models. Furthermore, Nissens offers a standard HP/NO oil cooler range of 180 part numbers.

    Nissens' range of oil coolers with housing covers +30 items and +220 OE references.

  • High Quality Packaging

    All Nissens’ oil coolers are packed in our compact and elegant box design.

    The solid packing system minimizes possible risks of transport and storage damages to the products and the Nissens box optimises logistics costs and protects the environment.

Nissens' Product Benefits

  • Easy Installation with First Fit

    Including necessary gaskets pre-mounted for quick and smooth installation.

  • Long Life Product

    Improved turbulator design, ensuring more precise brazing process, thus supreme durability and stress resistance of the component.

  • Temperature Resistant

    Thermal expansion tested to perform during fluctuations of temperatures, ranging from 10 to 90 °C.

  • Cooling Performance

    The highly performing oil cooler made of robust, pressure-durable aluminum design secure proper lubricant cooling, matching the engine operation needs.

  • Reliable Flow & Pressure

    The module’s inner valves are thoroughly tested and precisely calibrated to ensure the proper lubricant flow characteristics through the oil cooler with housing.

     The one-way valve is set to eliminate possible flow constrains, delays or backflows whereas the pressure relief valve protects against lubricant overpressure.

  • Clean Lubrication

    In the complete oil coolers with housing, the high-quality, durable oil filter is applied to secure excellent particles retention and smooth, unhindered flow of the lubricant.

Technical Details

The engine oil’s vitality, proper volume, flow and pressure are crucial for the engine operation, securing proper lubrication and cooling of its inner parts as well as operation of other engine components, e.g. turbocharger.

Always follow the oil type, volume and change intervals prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer.

Exposure to high temperatures, high mileages or dilution caused by other liquids impair the oil function considerably and lead to severe engine failures.

Low-quality, worn or contaminated oil can clog up the filter faster and/or the thin channels of the oil cooler, limiting the inside flow and the cooling performance.

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