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Delivering the Difference to the world’s leading companies: A great learning path

Welcome to Nissens

Nissens Automotive is a growing organization, and recruitment involves fighting for talent with potential and for specialists with proven experience and results.

We are an attractive company with an informal atmosphere that gives the individual employee the opportunity to leave a footprint and have an influence on our daily work and future development. We put both brain and heart into finding and attracting future employees to Nissens.

We know that our strength lies in our differences. At Nissens Automotive, we welcome an inclusive application process, where we encourage all individuals, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or other individual differences, to apply for our vacancies. We have a working environment that is free from discrimination and that promotes equality.


Recruitment process

We run a professional recruitment process, with both first and second interviews, personal tests and a focus on dialogue and communication, where respect for our candidates forms the starting point for our very personal approach to the process.

You are welcome to contact us at - also if you want to share your CV with us. Full confidentiality and protection of personal data is offered.

Thanks to a full, global value chain, we offer challenging positions in a large variety of functional areas:

  • Product Development & R&D
  • Product Management
  • Test & Validation
  • Market & Business Intelligence
  • Sales & Customer Service
  • Purchasing & SQE
  • Planning & Logistics
  • Quality
  • Production
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Finance
  • HR & Administration


Protection of your personal data

We set a high standard for the protection of your personal data that you share with us during your candidacy process. Our commitment to confidentiality and respect for your data is essential to us.

During the employment process, we ensure that your personal information is archived and used confidentially within the organization. We would like to point out that as part of our recruitment process, we may choose to access your public profiles on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. If you do not want us to use this option, we will give you the opportunity to withdraw your job application. This can be done within 3 days of receiving acknowledgment of your application by sending a request for revocation to

After the end of a recruitment process, your personal information is automatically deleted, unless you give us written consent to archive your CV for a limited period of time. We fully respect your wishes, and only with renewed consent can we continue to store your personal data.


Nissens is based on a solid corporate culture and a rewarding collaboration that extends across functions and national borders. As an increasingly global company with organizations and colleagues spread over three continents, we humbly accept the task of welcoming new colleagues to our company.

We see it as our responsibility to adapt and motivate all new employees. Central to a successful onboarding process are our current employees. Their knowledge, experience, motivation and passion for "Delivering the Difference" make them an important resource for all new employees at Nissens.

To ensure that new colleagues quickly feel welcome and become an integral part of our organization, we invest in a careful onboarding process. Through our introductory program, you get the first insight into Nissens, network building, introduction of departments and associated functional areas. There are lunch arrangements with colleagues as well as various forms of follow-up on the onboarding process.

We are dedicated to making the transition to being part of our team as smooth and positive as possible.

Welcome to Nissens - where we create a future together with valuable working relationships and a strong corporate culture.


At Nissens Automotive, we value and invest in the success and development of our employees. We know that our ability to deliver quality and innovation depends on having skilled employees with the right skills at all levels.

In a dynamic industry where the demands of customers and markets are constantly evolving, it is crucial for us to be at the forefront. Therefore, we prioritize continuous development of employees' skills and improvement of our management tools as cornerstones of our success.

We believe that successful development requires clear goals and regular follow-up. That is why we hold an annual individual Competence Assessment, where managers and employees work together to strengthen both personal and professional competences. This focus on ongoing or planned development and training ensures that we are equipped to meet any challenge and remain innovative.