Pressure Sensors

Support for proper working parameters of the AC system

Sensors facilitate the maintenance of proper parameters within the thermal systems, e.g. monitoring and controlling of the pressure of the refrigerant in the AC system.

The sensor measures the pressure in a specific spot in the AC loop. The readout value is used by the control unit (HVAC, Body control unit, or Engine control unit) to switch the compressor clutch or additional cooling fans (on/off), or to control a variable compressor.

Nissens' Solution


    One-stop shopping

    A holistic product selection within the AC category. The sensor range from Nissens joins our well-established collection of AC parts: compressors, condensers, receiver-dryers, evaporators, fans and thermal expansion valves.


    Genuine Nissens Quality

    Nissens’ Genuine Quality standards are applied throughout all of the development, manufacturing, and testing processes to secure the most optimal and proper operation of the sensor, and its long lifespan.


    High car park coverage

    Initial range to cover the most popular applications with an ongoing development and introduction of new parts. Program for passenger cars, light vans, and trucks.

Nissens' Product Benefits



    Reliable Operation

    Nissens’ sensors undergo a comprehensive test series, including: performance, insulation resistance, connections, and interface fitment tests.


    Easy Installation

    All that is needed for a proper installation included in the product box (when applicable), e.g. O-rings (premounted). 


    High Durability

    To secure long, trouble-free operation, besides complete functional testing, we examine our sensors in terms of pressure and burst resistance.

Technical Details

Since the proper parameters of the medium are crucial for the entire system’s operation, the role of the sensor is critical. It enables the vehicle and its systems to operate correctly.

The sensor’s vitality is essential for the longevity of other advanced components in the system. For example, the proper functioning of the AC compressor or the AC fan relies on the correct operation of the sensor. 

The sensor’s malfunction leads to the AC system’s worsened performance and exposes the AC compressor and the AC fan to improper starting thus to a quicker wear.

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