Increases engine efficiency and power output

Turbine-driven device that forces extra air into the engine’s combustion chamber.

The turbo consists of a turbine and a compressor coupled by a common shaft. Operation of the turbo depends on the engine’s exhaust gases. The energy of the exhaust gas flow is extracted and enables the turbocharger compressor to pump the air. 

The part operation depends on various components across various systems in the vehicle i.e. exhaust system, air intake/pressure system,  lubrication, engine management with electric parts and in some cases including cooling system.

Nissens' Solution

  • Reliability & Performance

    Our turbos undergo an advanced series of tests, performed both internally and by independent technological institutes, within:

    • Durability and performance
    • Field test
    • Vehicle exhaust emissions
    • Engine power output
    • Vehicle fuel economy

  • Competetive Range

    Nissens' Turbochargers program covers passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and trucks. 

    The range covers the following technologies: free flow, wastegate & variable turbos with pneumatic actuation and variable turbos with electric actuation.

    +200 turbo models in range, covering +1600 OE numbers, including 16 turbo models in the range of turbos for trucks, covering 240 OE references


    OE Matching Quality

    Component developed according to advanced quality standards – Genuine Nissens Quality, and tested to match OE quality.

  • Easy Installation

    First Fit Product: All that is important for installation is included in the product box.

    Fits the engine layout and the relevant connections smoothly. Fully compatible with vehicle systems.

Nissens' Product Benefits

  • Optimized Design

    Only the highest-rated component materials applied. Internal moving parts manufactured within proper tolerances, 
    and are precisely calibrated.

  • Technical Support

    Well-organized technical support setup with six local technical centers including technical hotlines available at strategical locations in Europe.

    A comprehensive training concept (NTC EEF) available for wholesalers’ network and independent garages worldwide.

  • Long-Life Product

    Our comprehensive approach of the product development including design phase, materials applied and tests performed is thoroughly prepared to ensure a proven, reliable operation of the turbo that is matching the lifetime of the vehicle engine. 

  • Easy Handling

    No fees, no charges, no return of old units.
    Complete, Factory New Turbos!​

Technical Details

Turbo is a highly sophisticated and fragile component. Operates in extremely demanding and tough conditions: up to 250,000 RPM and 1,100°C of hot exhaust. Improper working conditions and specifically dirt and foreign objects inside the system can easily damage the turbo. 

Turbo functionality relies on various systems in the vehicle. The vehicle regular service, good condition of the engine thus proper combustion as well properly operating systems such as engine lubrication, air intake system, exhaust system including EGR and DPF/catalyst (if applicable) are of crucial importance for the turbo proper operation and vitality.

Lubrication is one of the most critical aspects for the turbo operation. It eliminates frictions and cools down its key components. Limited oil flow to or/and from the turbo will lead the turbo to an accelerated wear and tear.

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