Receiver Dryer / Accumulator

AC loop protection

The receiver dryer is a filtering unit located on the high-pressure side of the AC loop between the condenser and the expansion valve. The role of the receiver is to filter particles and debris flowing in the circuit as well as to absorb any moisture. Furthermore, it also stores oil and refrigerant.

The accumulator is a similar filtering device but applied only in vehicles with orifice tube as an expansion device. The accumulator is located on the system low-pressure side and besides the filtering and the lubricant/refrigerant storing function as in the receiver dryer, it also ensures that no liquid form of the refrigerant gets into the compressor.

Nissens' Solution

  • OE Matching Quality

    Designed, manufactured and tested to match the quality of OE products.

  • Wide Product Range

    Nissens’ receiver dryer (and accumulator) range covers the market’s most popular applications within cars, vans and trucks.

    +270 items covering more than 1000 OE numbers.

  • Perfect Transportation and Storage Protection

    All Nissens receiver dryers and accumulators are thoroughly packed to avoid any transportation damage.

    To ensure the product usability after an extended  period of storage, all inlets and outlets are protected by means of special caps that prevent any impurities and moisture to enter the receiver dryer.

Technical Details

The receiver dryer/accumulator must be replaced every two years or whenever the circuit has been opened.

The inside filtering and desiccant layers can be worn out, after a long period, and cause the receiver dryer to lose its ability to properly filter the refrigerant and oil.

The receiver dryer condition is crucial for the compressor vitality - a high level of moisture in the AC system can cause corrosion and reduce compressor lubrication significantly. Unfiltered particles, debris, metal chips etc. flowing in the loop are the main causes for the compressor to fail and in worst case to seize up.

Too much oil in the system reduces the dryer ability to filter the system properly – desiccant gets too oily.

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