AC Fan

An important player of the air conditioning system

The fan plays an important, supportive role for the effective operation of the engine cooling and climate systems of the vehicle. In the climate system, the AC fan forces air through the condenser. 

High operation pressures inside the condenser and the temperature produced by the condensation process require an additional air flow supporting the heat exchange between the ambient air and the refrigerant inside.  Cooling produced by the fan is crucial for proper condenser operation.

Nissens' Solution

  • Reliability & Performance

    High-quality fan assemblies and fan components with proven cooling performance and stable, long-life operation.

  • OE Matching Quality

    Conforms with the ISO 7637, ISO 16750 standards and the Directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).


  • Competitive Range

    Fan program perfectly matching the IAM needs:

    Product range with +490 items covering more than 1,860 OE numbers and a varied selection of fan components (e.g. motor and fan blade).

    Highly competitive prices.

Nissens' Product Benefits

  • Improved Resistance to Mechanical Damage and Wear

    Only high-quality plastics, no recycled plastic mixtures.

  • Smooth Operation of the Electrical Motor

    High-quality electric motor armature ensuring reliable operation of the motor and strong protection against destructive current peaks and overvoltage.

  • Corrosion Protection

    Special, anti-corrosive treatment of the motor cover according to the strict REACH regulation to avoid any electromagnetic disturbance to other electronic elements.

  • Trouble-free Operation

    A special material mixture applied to the carbon brushes developed by Nissens ensuring excellent reliability and supreme overvoltage protection.

  • Trouble-free Installation

    High-quality wirings and electrical connections enabling a smooth installation.

  • Reliable and Secure Speed Control

    Highest quality and re-engineered fan control boxes. Only high temperature grade electronic components applied, ensuring increased durability and supremely safe operation of the device. 

Technical Details

A nonperforming AC fan has a very negative impact on the condensation process inside the condenser thus the entire AC system performance.

As an electrical device, the fan is often exposed to failure due to problems with the vehicle’s electrical system, e.g. overvoltage, bad fuse, nonperforming alternator.

Depending on the vehicle application, the AC fan can be engaged by means of: pressure switch, indirect connection to the compressor clutch, the vehicle’s Electronic Control Module (ECM) or signals sent from the AC-ON button.

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