Interior Blower

Ensures a proper air intake, flow and distribution which are required for the climate system to operate

The interior blower ensures a proper amount of ambient air intake. Flowing through the heat exchangers, the air can be either warm or cold and thanks to the blower, the air is distributed in the car cabin. 

Typically, the blower is situated in the HVAC (Heat-Ventilation-Air-Conditioning) module located between the cabin and the engine compartment.  

The interior blower is an electrical device considered fragile, due to plastic elements, and electrically sensitive to vehicle system failures.

Nissens' Solution

  • Reliability & Performance

    Advanced in-house performance, mechanical and electrical test series ensuring a high quality, long-life product characterized by reliable, high performing operation as well as minimized noise emission.

  • OE Matching Quality

    Conforms with the ISO 7637, ISO 16750 standards and the directive of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

  • Competitive Range

    Product range with +220 items covering more than 825 OE numbers and constantly being broadened to incorporate the most popular market applications within the car, van and truck segments.

  • Easy Installation

    All of our blowers are delivered ready for instant installation.

    Nissens’ online catalogues with detailed product information, high-quality technical drawings and rotational 360˚ pictures as well as close-up pictures of electrical connections/sockets.

    Installation videos for the most demanding and popular blower models.

Nissens' Product Benefits

  • Improved Resistance to Mechanical Damage and Wear

    Only high-quality plastics, no recycled plastic mixtures.

  • High Precision Speed Control

    OE control unit and electrical resistors to ensure high performance.

  • Smooth Operation of the Electrical Motor

    High-quality electric motor armature ensuring reliable operation of the motor and strong protection against destructive current peaks and overvoltage.

  • Trouble-free Operation

    A special material mixture applied to the carbon brushes developed by Nissens ensuring excellent reliability and supreme overvoltage protection.

Technical Details

Clogged or worn cabin air filter reduce the interior blower lifespan significantly.

Most common reasons for interior blower failure are failures in the vehicle’s electrical system, reduced flow in the air intake system and improper product handling during installation.

The interior blower in commercial vehicle applications (taxis, buses etc.) is often exposed to faster wear (mileage and working hours).

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