Expansion Tank

Engine Cooling coolant protection and re-distribution in system

The expansion tank absorbs excess coolant and minimizes excess pressure in the engine cooling system. 

An expansion tank helps maintain a minimal pressure increase during heated water expansion, helps reduce coolant hammer, and helps protect the engine cooling system from stress. Furthermore, the expansion tank ensures that there is no spilage by re-distributioning excess coolant into the system.

To help avoid and prevent premature failures, your expansion tank should be checked annually.

Nissens' Solution

  • Competitive Range

    Our range consists of parts for all segments. Passenger cars, light commercial vehicles as well as heavy commercial vehicles.

    Our range of expansion tanks for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles cover +50 items and more than 200 OE references.

    Our range of expansion tanks for heavy commercial vehicles cover +40 items and more than 165 OE references.

  • OE Matching Quality

    All Nissens’ expansion tanks are designed, manufactured and tested to match OE quality.

    The expansion tank development process includes a number of tests, such as vibration, pressure-impulse, thermal expansion, and burst, eliminating the risk of leakage or insufficient cooling performance.

  • Easy Installation

    First Fit - all that is needed in the product box.

    Fits the engine layout and the relevant connections smoothly. Fully compatible with the vehicle systems. 

Nissens' Product Benefits

  • High Performance Welding

    All expansion tanks are welded with advanced machinery to ensure the strongest possible connection of the top and bottom part.

    Each individual tank is leak tested before shipment.

  • Reinforced Fittings

    Highest quality fittings that ensures a secure and consistent fit that will last.

  • High-Quality Plastic

    Nissens applies high-quality material, e.g. PA66GF33 or PP Plastic. This ensures durable heat and stress resistance. All materials are tensile tested and no recycled materials are used.

  • Including Sensors

    All sensors are individually function tested and pre-mounted on the expansion tank for quick installation.

Technical Details

A blocked expansion tank can cause leaking or bursting  in the engine cooling system as the connections, fixtures and components get stressed and damaged due to excess pressure.

If the expansion tank is leaking, the engine could overheat as the level of coolant in the system could decrease.

Note the level of coolant in the expansion tank when the engine’s cold. Once the engine reaches operating temperature, the level must rise. If it doesn’t, the system is not operating properly.

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