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Strong partnerships and optimized solutions

Nissens is a global manufacturer of thermal solutions for the international aftermarket. Through an elaborate global partner program, Nissens can maintain a flexible production at the highest quality level. Working with our partners, we are directly involved in every aspect of the production where we implement the same high standards in the development and production phases – all to secure the benefits of our customers.

We expect our suppliers to help us meet - and exceed - our customers’ high expectations. This is why only suppliers who have undergone a rigorous selection process, focused on four critical factors; quality, ethics, environment and co-operation, can become a supplier in Nissens global partner program.

Because we operate all over the world, we are particularly interested in suppliers that can offer competitive products on a global scale. Companies wishing to qualify will need to fill in the on-line supplier application form.


Nissens aims at co-operating with flexible and innovative partners who will support the company's goals for delivering safety, the lowest possible error margin, and continuous improvements. Therefore partners must be able to document efficient quality control and reduction of costs. Each month partners' delivery security is registered, and the quality of the goods is continually evaluated in order to ensure the standards of our solutions.                                                                                                                                                                



Nissens strongly repudiates any and every form of child labour, force, and exploitation of labourers. We operate in accordance with the definitions and guidelines of the Social Accountability Standard 8000 regarding child labour, discrimination, safety, and health at the workplace, and Nissens' suppliers are required to do the same.


When Nissens engages in partnerships, environment has a high priority. Nissens products must therefore be manufactured with the utmost consideration for the ambient environment, and suppliers are encouraged to seek certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standards. We are actively selecting solutions that affect the ambient environment as little as possible and are always open to wishes and suggestions from suppliers, customers, and collaborators.



Nissens always enters into co-operation solutions with our partners, thus ensuring that terms regarding for instance packaging of products, utilisation of recyclable materials, delivery, and payment are specified from the very beginning of the partnership.

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Companies wishing to become a Nissens partner must fill in a supplier's application and upload it along with relevant certificates.

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Phone: +45 7626 2626