Supply Chain Concepts

Supreme product availability, high-speed deliveries, and cost-efficient solutions

We offer you a logistic setup that is completely aftermarket driven. Our aim is to focus on your needs, and that is why our logistics concept offers you flexible solutions making your business more efficient and profitable. The concept bases on four key elements:



From fast movers to unique slow moving items. Stocks optimized to local carparks.  





Efficient packing ERP integration | Cross docking | TecCMI | Customer stock management



Reliable deliveries through a network of 22 distribution centers spread across the globe.





From express parcel to full container shipments

Road | Sea | Air | Railway


Award Winning Logistics

- Temot Logistic Partner of the Year 2015


We constantly focus on optimization, and we invest in the latest automatic equipment. Investing in our supply chain enables us to keep the speed high and the costs low in the logistic processes. Our team of professionals thoroughly analyses which fields of the logistic setup can be improved and optimized. The examples below present implemented optimizations:


Customer stock covering more of the market​

Our advanced tool of Customer Stock Optimization enables you to obtain a better result in your local market coverage. Without changing the physical capacity of a stock, we can in some cases increase the local market application coverage up to 45%. Examples of Customer Stock Optimization tools:

ABC analysis - Car park data analysis - Virtual stock solutions


Pallet space utilization optimized by 33%

By means of intelligent packing of the pallet, we are able to utilize the truck space height optimally, thus decreasing the freight costs. The example of a pallet with Volkswagen radiators (Nissens no. 652011) shows the difference between a standard space usage and the Nissens method to utilize the given volume.

Nissens' Delivery Concept

With the most up-to-date and intelligent warehousing technology, 22 sales and distribution centres and flexible delivery systems, Nissens guarantees supreme product availability and quick delivery. 

Our delivery concept offers a wide variety of different transportation methods and lead time, depending on the required speed and the product type, and in consideration of the optimum cost efficiency.

  • Overnight

    Range coverage:

    98% (locally)


  • Advantage:

    Fill-in deliveries of fast movers, quick deliveries of slow moving and unique items

  • 48h+

    Range coverage:


  • Advantage:

    Frequent stock replenishments with fast and slow movers

  • 30 days+

    Range coverage:


  • Advantage:

    Maximum cost optimization on fast-moving products