Electric Water Pumps

Ensuring Cooling System Circulation

The automotive water pump ensures that coolant is pushed through the engine cooling system. 

Without a properly working water pump, the coolant would linger in the system and no cooling effect would take place.

If the water pump fails, it can lead to serious damage to the engine as a result of overheating.

Nissens' Solution

  • OE Matching Quality

    ​Designed and manufactured for the aftermarket. Tested for stable and trouble-free, long-life operation.

  • Reliability & Performance

    High quality construction with added features unique to the aftermarket such as overheating protection.

  • Range & Availability

    Water pump program for the aftermarket: product range with 35 items covering both main and auxiliary technologies.

Nissens' Product Benefits

  • Improved Security Towards Overheating

    All parts are equipped with a low power state fail-safe that prevents overheating if the impeller is blocked.

  • High Quality Materials & Long Life Span

    All materials are new and of the highest quality. Durability tests ensure a long life span.

  • Perfect Installation

    Parts include vibration isolators and mounting brackets to match OE parts where applicable.

  • Fully Tested

    All Nissens Water Pumps are tested to ensure perfect form, fit and function.

  • Focus on Connectors

    All connectors are designed to fit, function and seal in the same manner as OE connectors.

  • Optimal Performance

    Flow rates are benchmarked against OE to ensure optimal performance.

Technical Details

The time spent replacing the pump is often the most expensive part of the repair. Therefore, ensure that all special tools are available before starting.

A malfunctioning water pump will have a negative impact on the engine’s cooling performance, which will cause excessive thermal stress on the engine.

The life expectancy of the water pump will decrease rapidly if the wrong antifreeze is used, the antifreeze is replaced irregularly or not replaced at all. Contaminated antifreeze will also damage the sensitive parts of the water pump.

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