Heat exchanger - essential for engine thermal control

The radiator is placed in the front of the vehicle, often attached to other heat exchangers, such as the intercooler or condenser. 

The radiator is essential for the cooling of combustion engines. In such engines, there may be as many as 4,000 petrol explosions per minute, each generating temperatures of up to 1,500°C. The cooling liquid, which is circulating through a cooling jacket, cools the engine block, as well as pistons, valves, gaskets, rings, engine head, and other elements of the engine.

The circulating coolant receives the combustion heat. Flowing through the radiator, it exchanges the heat with atmospheric air. 

Nissens' Solution

  • Reliability & Performance

    Supreme thermal performance and extended lifespan thanks to a number of special features, improving critical components of the radiator. 

  • OE Matching Quality

    Designed and manufactured specifically for the aftermarket, while tested to match OE quality.

    Easy-handling packaging and excellent protection against transport damages.

    Nissens radiators are submitted to corrosion, vibration, pressure impulse, thermal expansion and thermal performance tests.

  • Competitive Range

    Highly competitive product range of +3,000 models in range covering +12,900 OE numbers and almost the entire European vehicle car park.

    +100 new models added each season.

  • Easy Installation

    Perfect finish and product fit, enabling a quick and smooth product installation.

    Whenever needed, additional installation parts are included in the box (First Fit).

Nissens' Product Benefits

  • Thermal Stress Resistance 

    Reinforced plastic tanks enriched with fibreglass (PA66-GF30) and produced with no recycled plastics.

  • Supreme Durability and Thermal Performance

    Cores equipped with double-folded fins, reinforcing the fin against mechanical damages as well as increasing the total heat exchange surface.

  • Modern Technologies

    Sturdy, durable and highly performing core construction produced with advanced aluminium brazing technology – controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB).

  • Perfect Fit

    Perfect finish in every detail such as water tanks, connections, threads, bolts, gaskets, mounting brackets, etc. This enables a trouble-free, quick and time-saving installation.

  • First Fit

    Depending on vehicle model, everything that is needed for a proper installation is included in the product box; caps, O-rings, nuts, clamps, plugs, gaskets, circlips, bolts, fittings, screws, hose clips ... and more.

  • Alu McCord

    Light-weight and efficient construction of aluminum cores and plastic tanks, universally applied for passenger and commercial vehicle radiators.

  • 5mm

    Aluminum-plastic construction with 5 mm spaces between the tubes, increasing the cooling performance, compared to the traditional 10 mm radiators.

  • Full Alu

    Advanced radiator construction based on brazed components solely made of aluminum, without gaskets and plastic parts.

Technical Details

Water residue may block the radiator core, limiting the coolant flow. Sediments and impurities from poor quality coolants, wrong coolant mixtures, or leak stop residues will also accumulate in the radiator tubes, limiting flow and cause limited performance.

Thermostat failures cause the cooling system to perform at incorrect temperatures, resulting in insufficient performance. 

Due to the frontal placement, the radiator is particularly exposed to light mechanical damages (insects, stone chips, high-pressure water cleaning), causing leakages.  

A leaking or non-performing radiator will expose the engine to an excessive thermal overload, which can cause it to seize.

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